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Watch servicing

Our repairs and servicing local to Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire, along with a well stocked

workshop is what gives us the ability to service watches with as little time off your wrist as possible.

Same day servicing available for quartz movements and estimates given free.

24 month guarantee on full services carried out on site.

Partial services completed within the hour, reseal and pressure test as standard.

Prices far below cost of sending away and all repairs guaranteed.

Our watch services guarantee the condition of the movement for 24 months and is a watch repair we do with expert attention and care. Every watch repair by us is guaranteed, the movement is rebuilt with only genuine parts from accredited suppliers. With quartz services, we give expert care so the lifetime of the movement and its included battery are assured to be optimal for your watch.

An aged watch battery can eventually leak its harmful contents into the watch and this is a prominent concern for watch repairers and providers of professional watch servicing.

If this happens the watch's circuit is always the first hit and results in replacing the circuit as part of a full service that may have not been due to happen in the watch’s life. We are not in the business of carrying out unnecessary watch repairs so we seek to avoid this ever happening to your watch.


Leaking watch batteries can be caused by a depleted cell being left unchanged for too long, though our experience in repairs has shown that the manufacturer of the battery is a big contributor.

The manufacturers of all batteries available to fit into your watches have been carefully researched by us and Murata (Sony) are proven to be safest against leaking. We know their extra long lifetime batteries help us provide the most professional watch services in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire as we've been using them for over 10 years in our watch repairs.


With our battery replacements’ 18 month guarantee an added benefit is, if your watch “winds up” needing a full service and still has a guarantee on the battery, we will deduct the amount you paid for our battery from the cost of the full service. This is because our customers should not need to pay for anything twice in the same guarantee period and a full service to a quartz watch will include a renewed battery anyway. We will replace the battery in every watch service, whether you’ve received this price reduction or not, as we’d like to see watches come back as infrequently as possible.

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