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Watch hand repairs

We provide expert watch repairs for Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire and are highly

experienced in completing delicate jobs such as repairs around the watch's face.


If your watch’s hands have come loose inside the front of your watch then visit our shop any day and we’ll see to refitting them so they move free of obstruction and perfectly aligned once again. This takes little time away from your wrist and our prices are reasonable. We may also recommend other repairs at a large discount while we’re in there.


Broken watch hands for any brand such as TAG Heuer, Seiko, Michael Kors, Omega and more, can be replaced on site and same day. You can have this service whether you’re hands are damaged or just hard to make out against the watch face (dial), and our expert care will assist you in getting the hands you need.


Vintage watch hands need replaced but are now discontinued? Our experts will find the parts available that can be shaped or sized to the hands you need. We have experience in matching parts for watches that have been left without the original manufacturers’ supply.

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