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Watch restoration and bracelet polishing

We offer detail orientated watch repairs for Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire and a lot of the care and

attention is hidden within, fortunately there are some services where the improvements visibly shine.

Free estimates.

All watch brands repaired and guaranteed.

Cases and bracelets polished and restored with multiple finishes.

Dials restored and small defects repaired same day.

We complete watch restorations on site for all brands of watches. Any parts replaced get a 12 month guarantee, the same as many of our professional watch repairs.

Our expert servicing and repairs cover many aspects of a wristwatch and we are professionals at producing results that show inside and outside of the watch case.

Bracelet and case polishing is carried out on site and the prices are minimal thanks to the direct dealing between watchmaker and watchowner, so even small scratches to watches are worth repairing.

Our attention to detail and professional standard of quality is how we give appropriate care to delicate watch repairs such as restoring watch dials.

Some of the popular watch brands have multi-layered dials with lots of complexities. The occasional dial like that can become a liability on itself if the markers come loose and we are locally available to all in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire to resolve these with no fuss and little waiting. Our experience with restoring dial features with a high level of detail saves watch owners from sending their watch away when the small issues occur.

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