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Watch crystal replacement

Mineral glass, sapphire crystal and acrylic watch faces each have their strengths and weaknesses and we repair 

all of them. As repairers in Aberdeen City with years of experience in replacing glasses, our turnaround time is ideal.

Mineral glasses and acrylics in all sizes kept on site for same day fitting, often between 30 and 45 minutes.

Scratch resistant sapphire crystals also available for all round shape watch faces.

Watch glass repairs for all brands with reseal and pressure test on site.

Date magnifier (cyclops lens) available and all repairs have a 12 month guarantee.

Our watch face repairs are guaranteed for 12 months when included in any watch repair we complete. Every watch repair by us is guaranteed and the fitting of new watch glasses is a repair always worth getting done professionally for the protection of the watch’s seal.

With the seal restored after every crystal and acrylic face fitted, we save the watch from having issues with dust and moisture entering the watch.

We’ve been providing watch repairs in Aberdeen for over 10 years and have really enjoyed bringing watches back to look like new with a new glass or acrylic. We keep every size in stock so they are easily included as one of the same day watch repairs we offer.

Our reasonable prices, thanks to the direct dealing between watchmaker and watchowner, mean even small scratches to glasses are worth repairing. We’ll have your watch restored to its former appeal swiftly and professionally.

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