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Certina watch repair

Certina servicing and repairs

■ Free estimates

■ 24 month guarantee

■ Same day & on site

■ Ideally located for Aberdeen

City and Aberdeenshire

Expert assessment of your Certina

Certina are brilliant quality watches and are easily dependable, especially with professional maintenance.

If your watch is built with a quartz, battery powered movement then most of the up-keep can be covered with short visits to our shop to replace the battery, reseal and pressure test. Most manufacturers recommend this, calling it a partial service.

Assessments are performed while you wait and are agreed upon before our expert watchmakers start servicing any watch brought to us.

Free estimates are given and all repairs for Certina watches are guaranteed.

Replacement Certina batteries

Common defects that would otherwise result in a full service are easily prevented by good quality care and even minor repairs such as fitting your Certina watch with a new battery is all the opportunity we need to get ahead of problems. We professionally seal your watch before returning it to you so the new battery and the movement are able to get the maximum lifetime on your person.

Certina bracelet adjustments

Smaller jobs such band or bracelet resizing are done while you wait and come with free re-adjustments thereafter.

Certina straps and bracelets

Replacement straps can be fitted to your Certina watch on the spot, with one from our large selection of generic straps, stocked in all sizes, colours and fittings. If your Certina repair requires an unusually shaped strap or bracelet that is discontinued then we can cut and file ours to fit your case.

Certina full services

Our watchmakers are professionals in performing same day repairs and, if your watch needs it, can complete a full service on site. 

If the original parts are discontinued by Certina then our experts have the experience necessary to find the quality part that will have your watch last a lifetime.

Mechanical movements including automatic Certina watches are sent to be fully serviced with up to 2 years’ guarantee at competitive prices.

Certina part jobs

Watch face repairs for your Certina, even if it’s just a light scratch to the glass or if there is an issue with the hands coming loose, can be resolved in minimal wait time to fit into your schedule.

Certina watch restoration

If your watch has come to needing a full restoration then our workshop will easily oblige with a free estimate online in person or online. We also fully service and repair Certina pocket watches with expert care, and maintain your watch’s quality with genuine parts.

How we guarantee your Certina watch repair

All Certina watch batteries fitted while you wait have an 18 month guarantee and 12 month guarantee on the water resistant seal. There is a 24 month guarantee for all full overhauls and services for Certina watches. Repairs such as fixing broken Certina glasses, crowns and bracelet pins have a 12 month guarantee.

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