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Watch crystals: Sapphire vs. acrylic

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Which watch crystal is the best?

Benefits of a sapphire crystal:

  1. Fantastic scratch resistance.

  2. Long lasting and able to withstand a lot of hard wear.

  3. Suitable for deep sea divers’ case builds.

Drawbacks of a sapphire crystal:

  1. Can be difficult to replace if designed in an irregular shape.

  2. Some manufacturers coat both sides with anti-reflective coating that can get marked.

Benefits of an acrylic display:

  1. They look amazing and show off the dial and hands well.

  2. Fairly impact resistant.

  3. Quick and inexpensive to replace.

Drawbacks of an acrylic display:

  1. Easily scratched.

  2. Limited water resistance.



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