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Heirloom watch: What to look for in a watch to last the ages

2 simple tips for selecting a watch that will be most ably repaired in the future:


Round/circular shape crystal.

Watches with unusual shaped glasses may be out of luck in the future if needing replaced.

They rely on the manufacturer continuing to produce replacements or on third parties to create them bespoke.

Circular glasses are produced in all sizes and are reliably available when needed.

2. Lugs flanking the outside of the strap or bracelet.

Straps and bracelets that are wrapped around the lugs, or even integrated with the case have the same issues as shaped crystals.

When the manufacturer stops producing them, there may be no options for renewal.

If the lugs come down either side of the bracelet then any generic strap or bracelet may be fitted when needed.



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