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Breitling watch batteries

How long does it take to change the battery for a Breitling?

We have batteries fitted for all Breitling watches complete with reseal and pressure test and back to you in 30 minutes.

How long will the battery last after fitting in my Breitling and is it guaranteed?

The number of years the cell (battery) lasts depends on the capacity/size, the circuit of the Breitling using it and the resistance of the other movement components. What we guarantee is that for all watch battery replacements we carry out, even the smallest battery in the least efficient circuit will still last a minimum of 18 months before the next replacement. This is because our proficiency in battery fitting achieves the greatest retaining of energy in the cells, which is aided by our careful selection of the battery brand to use in Breitling and other watches.

Will my Breitling still be watertight afterwards?

Yes, our on-site reseal and pressure test covers all depth ratings that Breitling guarantee their watches to. We give you peace of mind your repair is compliant with manufacturers’ standards using equipment accredited by Breitling for the repair procedure. Prices are far below the cost of sending away and we are conveniently located for quick turnarounds for those local to Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire

Should I get my Breitling serviced instead?

This depends on the type of service your watch needs; if the advice you’ve heard is your Breitling is due a partial service when the battery is low, then that is advised and that is actually the service we provide with every battery, reseal and pressure test. If instead your watch is needing a full service that is something we provide, though we would first determine this after assessing further issues with your Breitling watch’s movement. Full services for Breitling watches are carried out on site and often same day so you can still benefit from our quick turnaround time.

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